Stable of Content LLC is a consulting company that helps brands create a strategic identity by employing an editorial approach to their creative content across all media and platforms. Whether that content is in the form of a 360-degree marketing campaign; a magazine-like approach to website content and/or print pieces (catalogs, lookbooks); video projects or retail training materials, it is brought to life by Stable of Content in an artful marriage of visuals and words, allowing brands to speak directly and authentically to their consumers with compelling stories. Stable of Content is the brainchild of Maryellen Gordon, a veteran magazine writer and award-winning editor who specializes in big-picture creative concepting.

STA-BLE \’sta-bel\ n : 1 : a group or collection. 2 : a group of performers under one management.

STA-BLE \’sta-bel\ adj : 1 : steady in purpose. 2 : firm in resolution. 3 : sane, rational.

CON-TENT \ken-’tent\ adj : 1 : contented, satisfied.

CON-TENT \ken-’tent\ vt : 1 : to appease the desires of.

CON-TENT \’ken-tent\ n : 1 : the topics of matter treated in a written work. 2 : …the information in a work of art.

STABLE OF CONTENT n : 1 : a creative think tank to help companies concept a vision, voice and POV of their brand with an editorial, storytelling bent, in order to strategically communicate and build dynamic relationships with consumers. 2 : imaginative, authentic content = increased brand loyalty